Automatically attach/embed all files from a folder into a note

What I’m trying to do

Is it possible to have Obsidian automatically embed all files from a specific folder into a given note? I am using Obsidian for studying architecture, and while I take notes and manage literature in Obsidian I naturally generate a lot of stuff outside Obsidian, let’s say CAD drawings and corresponding PDFs as well as photographs. It would be nice to be able to create a note for each new project, then just drop PDF files from the CAD program into an attachment folder and they would automatically show up in a certain place in the note.

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In “Dataview” you can make dynamic lists or in case putting files by hand in notes very fast the “Better File Link” is going to fit to your requirement.


thanks for you reply. I just found out that Obsidians default file explorer behaviour comes close to what I want. It keeps up to date on any files I drop in subfolders, just like a “normal” file explorer. That’s enough for me right now.

I do wonder however how I could create dynamic lists of files inside or outside the vault using dataview?


About Dataview, for now you just can create dynamic lists/tables with markdown files in your vault.

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