Automatic [[wikilink]] template

What I’m trying to do

I really a simple automated workflow so when I click into a new wikilink a template will be inserted.

So when I create a [[new wiki in a file]] using wikilinks when i click into [[new wiki in a file]] it will automagically be created with a nice handy template. This template will likely inherent some metadata from the last active file and have some prompts to describe the new note.

While writing when I decide to bookmark an idea I love to [[use a wikilink to create the title]]. But when i come back to that wikilink, click it, its a blank note. I’d much rather it be a new note from a template. I want to avoid opening up blank notes in this situation.

I also don’t really want to have to insert a template - I want the process to be smooth and simple. I like to create loads of little notes and would totally enjoy each one pollenating and connectings instantly

Things I have tried

I don’t really know where to start…

Folder notes in templater interrupt other workflow automations I’ve got going on.

There must be a way to have a default template for any new note created that doesn’t start with “Untitled” … right?

[[How can i do this??]]

Appreciate you time very much