Automatic Update to 1.5.3 Removed All My Plugins and Settings

I’m using the Linux version. I know that each vault stores its own plugins and settings, but all of my existing vaults load with the factory default prescribed to each.

Any advice for recovering?

Besides being unexpected, the biggest issue is I don’t recall my specific earlier configs. The magnitude of the impact is metaphorically equal to deleting all your Vim dot files and then having to reconstruct them without a backup.

Would replacing the .obsidian folder in the updated 1.5.3 Linux vault with a .obsidian folder from another of your properly functioning “similar” vaults(perhaps from another device or backup) give you at least a good starting point for reconfiguration?

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Hi. Do you still have the previous plugins directory for each Community plugin and the themes directory for Themes under the .obsidian directory located in the Vault directory?

If the directory is still located in the plugins directory, you may be able to identify the names (and configuration files) of the previously installed plugins that.

(If the configuration files are still there, you may be able to reinstall the plugins or modify the JSON file diffs to restore the previous environment.)

Good luck!

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