Automatic update of current year, in, say, a copyright statement?

I’m wondering what’s the best way to have an auto-updated date in “Advanced Slides”. Say I have a copyright statement that says copyright’ed 2008-2023 where the 2023 should be automatically updated next year when I show the slides again. I tried the Templator by inserting a code <%"YYYY") %> and it does not seem to work.

  1. Make the command dynamic (see below)
  2. Write the command in a template in the assigned Templater folder
  3. Go to the note and cursor position where you want to insert the template
  4. CMD P
  5. Templater: Open Insert Template modal
  6. Insert the approriate template
<%+"YYYY") %>

Does that work?

It works for the markdown (Editor) preview mode but not the Slide Preview mode.

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