Automatic title in body of note?

Hi everyone - this is my first question to the forum and I cant seem to find the answer in search - I found how to refactor a note with plugin by a line item in a note but not how to automatically have a header line with the notes title at the top.

for example if I create a page within my Daily note as : [[Blog ideas]] and then Command Click on it to create the new page - the title appears along the side but the note remains blank and I have to type " # Blog ideas " for the title to appear at the top too.

Is there an automatic way to have the note name create the header?

Thanks in advance for any advice or link to previous post


There isn’t an automatic way to do this… though I would love the option to show the page title as an h1 header… this is how Publish works so it would make sense to have that option in core…

Especially since if you add an h1 title on a note it will show up twice if you use Publish…


There’s a plugin called, “Filename heading sync” that keeps the file name in synch with the first heading on the page (usually the notes title) you can browse or search for in Community Plugins.

You can read more about it on its Github page:


amazing thank you for this information

You can check out this plugin.

The plugin embeds the title in the note but it’s not part of the note.