Automatic reorganizing when using split screen in Win10?

I hope this question hasn’t already been asked.

I just started using Obsidian, and I’ve run into a problem: When I’m working, I often change from full- to split screen, i.e. to take notes for a text I’m holding up beside the Obsidian window. But when I drag it to use Windows 10’s split-screen function, it doesn’t resize the side bars (file overview and mentions). That means I have to manually resize the note I’m actually writing every time I go from split-screen to full-screen mode (image below to show example).

So the question is this:
Is there any way to make sure the notes are prioritized when resizing?
Can I “lock” the size of notes, is there a theme which does this, or is there a third option I haven’t thought about?

I hope someone can help, and maybe others have the same problem as me!

You may want to look at the Sliding Panes plugin, which offers a few features that’ll help you here. Otherwise there’s no controls for this in the core app.

Thank you for the tip! The plugin solved my problem, and it works wonderfully when going split screen to full screen and back again.

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Another solution that has been working amazingly well for me with the default theme, is to:

  1. Install “Maximise active pane” plugin.
  2. Use the trick I described here:
    Include option to hide sidebars · Issue #6 · deathau/maximise-active-pane-obsidian · GitHub