Automatic renaming files with invalid characters for Android


My Obsidian vault is synced via Dropbox on Android and lives also on my Linux computer. When I run the sync there are a lot of sync errors for my Kindle and Readwise files (synced from the apps with community plugins). The sync errors are due to Android’s file naming restrictions.

Is there a way to automatically rename all these files so that they can sync on Android?

Ideally any links in .md files should be updated and not be resynced with/by the community plugins because of the name change.


Things I have tried

  • Forum and Google search

What I’m trying to do

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I’ve found two tools to fix this:

  1. Used Thunar to rename the kindle files that started with " - "
  2. Used this Bash script to clean up all the files in the Kindle and Readwise folders. I had to remove the comments in lines 31 to 33 to make it work.

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