Automatic period after 2 spaces - how to turn it off?

Is there a way to simply disable it? It is a bizarre behavior that happens even when spell check is turned OFF. I don’t encounter this behavior in MSWord or any other text editing software so why is it included in a markup editor?

I am always entering info that I do not want a period after.Like a website url.

It is inconsistent as well. If I type "speel it right. " the period only happens after ‘right’ but not after ‘spee’ (Unfortunatley THIS forum editor removes spaces so you can not see there is are 5 spaces after speel it. |. |)

It could be something coming from your OS.

I’d check in the macOS or Windows settings for the toggle. For example, in macOS, it’s here:

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This is a quote of your post with triple backticks around it, where you say it’s inconsistent. Some text has been removed, but nothing added. Here it sure seems like it’s your keyboard setup which insert those periods after a double space, and that it also happens in this forum post.

Yes! Thank you . You guys are spot on. I am an idiot. But what else is new? I thought it was obsidian because I researched the question and found another guy talking about the same issue (I thought). But they just suggested he put in a bug report. So I assumed… Libreoffice does not exhibit the behavior but textedit does. I usually use Vim everywhere else so the only place I ever see it happen is in Obsidian.

Case Resolved

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