Automatic index with dataviewjs

Automatic index with dataviewjs

Hi, i’m new with dataview, javascript and programming in general, but I wanted to make an automatic index wich i could customize. And i couldn’t find anything else
than dataviewjs, However it is really hard to use

I made this:

which make this output:

Immagine 2022-08-06 194936

and I thought that output into this code:

would work, but it gives this error:

Immagine 2022-08-06 194851

If anyone know why it gives that error, a way to solve it or a better way to do this, please teach me.

My suggestion: the first thing to do is clarifying better what you want.
We don’t understand well your goal.
Still, I don’t know if you really need to use dvjs instead of dql.

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