Automatic image and attachement management

I’d request to add feature to automatically manage attachment / images similar to OneNote or others :

  1. Attachment should be able (or had option at least) to be “attached” to specified notes instead of filled in common folders when being added as link or copied to note. (Plugin “Custom Attachment Location” works okay on new attachment but I believe a native solution would works more smooth and reliable)

  2. When attachment reference / links being removed from notes, it should have capability to remove the attachment automatically to avoid orphan attachments / images.

Scenario for 1 and 2: I work mainly on a daily note to collect daily meeting / discussion / note with many images and attachments. When I review the daily note and want to digest and re-allocate the notes to other specified notes, I want to minimize the efforts to manually re-allocate the images and attachment files one-by-one to move together with the individual notes and delete them in the attachment folder associated with original note.

  1. Provide capability to hidden certain folders (i.e., attachment folder) so that explorer can show more notes for easy note access.

I’m a great fan of obsidian, but I believe that this is a big shortcoming which drives me mental when moving notes around

Definitely a +1 from me

Right. I really wish this feature was made. It’s stressful because of the management of attachments such as images, audio, and pdf. When you delete a document, make sure that the attached files are also deleted. If you clip and paste from the Internet, make sure that the image is also saved on the hard disk.

I have the same problem with attachments, and my solution is to use folder notes. When I need to attach a file to a note I make it into a folder note and move the attachment in the folder. This works well for me. The only complication is when using dataview to query notes.

I agree with the previous post. My vault is quite disorganized, with attachments scattered in incorrect folders and some that are no longer associated with any notes.

It would be great if there were a feature that users could enable or disable as needed.

Each note could be structured as a folder containing one Markdown file and all of its attachments. This approach would maintain compatibility with future updates, other tools, and remain GitHub-friendly, for example.

Like explained here: New "default location" behavior for attachments/images: Automatically convert the note's .md into a container-folder itself that holds all embeds and cleverly hide it throughout the UI by treating it as a regular note