Automatic editable focus on new card in canvas (without double click)

Use case or problem

I want to be able to quickly create a child card, and for it to be immediately editable.

Proposed solution

After dragging out a connection line and adding a card from a node, canvas could let the newly created card be automatically ready for text input. I do not think it is very common for a newly created card to be just left empty. However, if this is more common than I imagine, perhaps a toggle setting for this behavior could be implemented. Alternatively, the default behavior could be left as is, and a hotkey could be added to, in one step: create a child connection line based on currently selected node, attach a card, and make that card editable.

Perhaps I should make a separate request, but I chose to include the alternatives in this request because, if my initial suggestion above is adopted, there would be no need for the hotkey. And also, the second related request linked to below already has that feature contained within it. In some ways the fact that the various requests in that thread were merged the way they were gives me a good sense that this functionality is pretty clearly on the radar and perhaps being considered eventually, but I shouldn’t necessarily assume that.

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Things I have tried

I experimented in canvas and searched the forum.

What I’m trying to do

Currently when you drag a connection line out from a node and create a card, it isn’t immediately editable. It requires that you double click on it in order to add text. Is there another way to more quickly accomplish this?

Related feature request: Canvas: ability to edit notes without double clicking or clicking the "edit" button

I feel like I remember seeing a post or perhaps having a more efficient workflow in the past, but I cannot remember it.


I might be wrong, but it seems I’ve seen you post threads that are similar to each other a few times lately. Can you please try to keep things combined? I’ve merged your help and FR threads here.

I do appreciate how you search and link to related threads though. That’s always super helpful! :+1:

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You are totally right. Thanks for the helpful suggestion. You only need to tell me once. But, so that I am clear, I was wondering whether you are referring to cases where I may have posted more than one similar feature requests or cases where I have a help topic and a feature request that are basically the same.

In regards to the latter, I have a routine of trying to regularly keep an eye on things at the very least seeing the thread titles. It proves helpful because many times when I have a use case that needs addressing, searching isn’t always so clear cut. In cases where I have a feature request that‘s in a category where I might not keep up with posts as much, I tend to err on the side of floating a help request for a period of time first. As far as I understand, having excess help requests is preferable to excess feature requests.

But, I totally understand now that it might be better that I will, without any response, delete the help request once I have committed to the feature request. In the case of the two posts you referenced, I specifically decided to quickly move on to the feature request this time quicker than normal after seeing a Mobile request that included a very similar side note mention addressing my use case, but for mobile.

Thanks again for your response.


Maybe that is what I am thinking of. Anyway, all good!

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