Automatic creation of backlink to previous note whenever I create a new note

Things I have tried

Whenever I am editing a note A and I create a link to a note B, that does not exist yet, and then I create the new note B from that link, I usually have to type a back link manually on the new note B I just created to the note A. Is there any plugin that creates this back link from B to A automatically right after I create the new note B from the link of the original note A?

What I’m trying to do

Automatically creating a back link right after creating a new note from a link on another note.

If you Toggle backlinks in document for Note B, you’ll see an auto created Linked mention to Note A. Not sure if there is a plugin for what you’re trying to do, can you elaborate? Breadcrumbs plugin potential?

Have you tried Templater plugin?

Try this piece of code

<< [[<%“YYYY-MM-DD”,-1,“YYYY-MM-DD”, 0, tp.file.title, “YYYY-MM-DD”),“YYYY-MM-DD”) %>]] | [[<%“YYYY-MM-DD”,1,“YYYY-MM-DD”, 0, tp.file.title, “YYYY-MM-DD”),“YYYY-MM-DD”) %>]] >>


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