Automatic/Button to Split and show attachment?

I’ve just started using Obsidian, so pardon if this is common knowledge I haven’t been able to find yet…

Statements leading up to a question…
I use a Rocketbook notebook for taking work meeting notes all day.
I have Obsidian configured to store a vault for my work notes on Google Drive.
I have Rocketbook configured to send an OCR’d PDF of each page I scan to my Gmail account where each email contains an embed of the OCR text and an attachment of the original photo.
I have a function that saves the photo PDF to my vault in an /images subfolder, and converts the email embed html to simple markdown text saved in my vault folder, with a ![[link]] in every note to the pdf photo (edited to add example: ![[images/20230507 Day Notes.pdf]])

Ends up looking like this (after I manually fix a few typos/OCR fails):

I’d really like if I could automatically open a split (right) view of notes that contain linked images/pdfs like this one so I can view the pdf on the right side of my screen and make my edits/corrections/spellchecks on the left side. I can manually split and scroll to get close… but a hotkey/button would be great.

Can anyone suggest how to get a view closer to this, but tied to a macro/button/automatic?


You can open the file separately from the note it’s embedded in. I don’t normally embed PDFs but from the screenshot I think you’d tap the Edit icon in the upper right of the embed to reveal the link, then right-click the link an “Open to right”. (Whether that’s easier than what you’re already doing is debatable.) I believe there’s a feature request somewhere for an easier way to open embedded files. Also the team is currently working on improvements to PDF handling — I don’t know if that will affect this.

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