Automatic alias expansion, or expansion on keyboard shortcut

Use case or problem

I have a note named Note1 with a defined alias aliasToNote1.
In another note, I paste a block of text that includes the word aliasToNote1.
I want to turn the word aliasToNote1 into an internal link to Note1.

I select the word aliasToNote1 and type ‘[[’, which results in ‘[[aliasToNote1]]’.
This does not expand the alias into the expected form [[Note1|aliasToNote1]] and does not create the expected link. It merely points to a non-existing note named aliasToNote1.

To create the expected expanded alias I need to e.g. delete and retype a character in the word aliasToNote1 (this forces a lookup and creates a floating palette listing all matches, including matches via aliases).

Proposed solution

Have a configuration option to enable automatic lookup and expansion of aliases when some text is surrounded by [[]] (or perhaps make this the default behavior).

Or have a keyboard shortcut to force alias expansion when the cursor is in a bracketed alias link.

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