Automate creating daily note without opening Obsidian

Is there a way to automate creation of daily note without the need to open the obsidian app? I have the function setup (plug-in and template), but the app needs to be opened to create a note for that day.

Well, I use Zapier to automatically create files in Obisidian every day, but not the Daily Note. Although I can’t see why it wouldn’t work as long as you know in which folder to place the new file.

Here’s an outline of my process.

  1. I use Zapier to create a text file (containing all of the templated content of the note) every morning in a Google Drive folder.
  2. Because I am on a Mac and keep my vault on the local drive, I have to use Hazel to watch the Google Drive folder, copy any new text files that appear in it to my vault’s Inbox folder, and then change the extension from txt to md.

There have to be a dozen different ways to do this, and if you are on a Mac, the easiest way might be with Shortcuts or Automator. You just need to make sure that your daily note is placed into the default folder you set in the Daily Notes plugin settings.

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