Automagically Forward Link First Mention of Existing File

Currently, the backlinks bar has a nifty little button that lets you automatically link a mention of a file (and it’s even integrated with aliasing!) which is amazing.

But what if it were possible to automagically do forward linking in a similar way?

I know a lot of people feel that this is unnecessary because you can just do it while you’re writing, but:

  1. I sometimes forget which things might already exist to be linked to
  2. oftentimes when I’m “in the zone” writing I don’t stop to think about interlinking
  3. sometimes I copy and paste from things like chat programs and emails and old blog posts I wrote, and manually doing all the linking is super inefficient but the interlinks are heckin’ valuable.

LegendKeeper does something similar, so I know it’s probably feasible, but it would be awesome if this did it (or had a setting to do it) only for the first mention (or the first mention under a heading).

Would be nifty if it either worked by toggling a button that “searched” for things to link that you could manually click (like the backlinks pane) or just did it independently for the whole page (and the user can fix it if it’s wrong).