Autolink text with existing links

I’m not an Obsidian pro and also bad at searching, so this might already be there.

But I’m hoping on a feature that autolinks words that already have existing links/notes.
For example when I write a text about a theme and it contains a subtopic of something I already have a note for, that it automatically links that subtopic.
I don’t mind linking, but sometimes I write about a subtopic so often in a text, I don’t feel like linking all the words. Usually I end up linking the first it’s in the text.
Also sometimes I just write something quickly on the phone and forget about finishing the note.

I hope my explanation makes sense. Maybe this function is a bit useless, maybe not.
I wonder what you all think.


Try to enable the core plugin in obsidian named outgoing link.

Yee, this is what I mean, but then automatically. Without having the need to link them yourself. Just in case I forgot, or really simple things.

For example, I work with sound and have a dictionary note, or many simple techniques or tools.
I wouldn’t think or put the effort in linking some small things like a specific “microphone” or the word “amplitude”. But I would like for them to be linked, pref automatically.