Autocomplete suggestions for note title

Use case or problem

Say I have a note on Aramco, and it has a link to a non-existent note called “Assets owned by the Saudi government.”
When I decide to create the note I might not remember what exactly I called it in that link, or I might not remember I ever created the link in the first place. So I name the note “The Saudi government’s assets” or something like that. I’ll now never notice this link that I created when first writing a note on Aramco, and I’m missing out on one of the main benefits of using a notes app that has links.

Proposed solution

Have autocomplete suggestions for the title of a note based on un-resolved links that you’ve created. If I start typing the title and it has the words “assets” and “Saudi” in it that should trigger an auto-complete suggestion as the title is similar to an un-resolved link I have.

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