Autocomplete links does not work with capital letters

(Fuzzy) autocomplete for links in my vault does not work if I use capital letters. However, it works in the quick switcher:


Steps to reproduce

Open the link delimiters [[, then start typing. Type a capital letter.

Expected result

I expected the same autocompletion result as when typing in lowercase.

Actual result

The preview shows ''No match found".


  • Operating system: MacOS Catalina
  • Obsidian version: v0.12.1

Additional information

Important note: This only happens on my largest vault, that is (I think) above 10K files. I noticed that in v0.12.0 there are changes for fuzzy autocompletion above this limit, which could be a hint for the source of the bug.

Also, the autocomplete works as expected in the quick switcher, as evidenced in the video.

Works here on Obsidian 0.11.13 (Linux).

I’m specifically talking about Obsidian 0.12.x, and on large (10K+) vaults. How large is your vault?

Ah ok, missed that, sorry! And I don’t have the new version yet.

And yes, my vault is still smaller than I wished it to be … I definitely spend too much time here instead of filling it … size only around a few hundred notes.

I agree this should be a bug, even if “fuzzy mode” hits in.

The algorithm for large vaults is different (for perf reasons) but this is a bug.


will be fixed 0.12.2

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