Auto-update aliases without having to re-link

Having to manually modify all of my links once an alias is added is a HUGE pain.


I have existing notes where I’ve used the tag [[Doe; John]] and the tag [[John Doe]]

I then go into the note for Doe; John and add an alias for “John Doe”, but all of the links to [[John Doe]] do not point to [[Doe; John]] :frowning:

I think the general approach is that if you want all links changed you change the name of the note, but if you want another way to link to it sometimes you add an alias.

It sounds a little strange to request that each time one add an alias it should change all the links.

So if you’re not content with your links in genral, change the note name to what you like and let Obsidian do its magic, and then you can add the alias into the note (and possibly some places where it would make sense to use the alias).

I don’t think its that strange, as in my case I’m using Obsidian for taking notes on scientific papers. I’ll go through a bunch of papers and add backlinks to existing text. For example, say I copy an abstract about Parkinsons Disease into Obsidian and put brackets around "Parkinsons Disease"without retyping it. I later create a note for Parkinsons Disease in obsidian, and set an alias for “Parkinsons” or “PD”. But if I’ve already applied brackets to [[PD]] or [[Parkinsons]] in other notes, it won’t link them.

There should be a way to choose if you want the alias applied retroactively or not rather than having to re-link everything manually.