Auto-scroll when folding current line

Use case or problem

  1. Oftentimes I like to review my notes one line at a time where I can use the “Toggle fold on the current line” keyboard shortcut.
  2. When I get to a line that is toward the bottom of the screen and I use this shortcut, it expands the subordinate points.
  3. However, the screen does not auto scroll.
  4. So I have to manually press the down arrow repeatedly or use my mouse to scroll

Proposed solution

Instead of forcing the user to manually scroll, Obsidian should auto scroll so that the last line that is being unfolded can be viewed without any user input.

Current workaround (optional)

As of now, the user needs to manually scroll to view the last line that is being unfolded (e.g., repeatedly pressing the down arrow, which is very tedious if it’s a large section or having to get your hands off the keyboard and use the mouse to scroll).

Related feature requests (optional)

Going to the last line of the folded section would be disorienting if the section were longer than the screen. But scrolling the line from the bottom of the screen to the middle would make the unfolded text visible without losing your place.

EDIT: I think I misunderstood your proposed solution and that I suggested the same thing that you suggested.