Auto save image like Typora

Use case or problem

Now, copying a web image to Obsidian will automatically generate a link to the image in Markdown format. But web images have great instability.

Proposed solution

I would like to add a feature to realize that when copying a web image (or an image outside the notes library) to Obsidian, it can automatically save the image to the specified folder and generate a link to the new address. This feature has already been implemented in Typora, like the following image

Thank you for doing such great work! :+1:


I fully agree with this.

I expected Obsidian to save an image to the local vault, as was previously described.

For a knowledge management system where I own my information (part of Obsidian’s mission statement), I would also like to own the images in my notes.

I think it makes sense for images copied from the web to be saved into the vault, rather than embedded as a link to that image.

My current workaround is to take a screen capture / clipping of the image, but unfortunately that doesn’t always have great resolution. However, it’s usually fine for notes.

Drag and drop/copy of an image from your hard-drive will add it to your vault. It’s only drag and from the browser that changed because we introced and html-to-markdown converter