Auto save image like Typora

Use case or problem

Now, copying a web image to Obsidian will automatically generate a link to the image in Markdown format. But web images have great instability.

Proposed solution

I would like to add a feature to realize that when copying a web image (or an image outside the notes library) to Obsidian, it can automatically save the image to the specified folder and generate a link to the new address. This feature has already been implemented in Typora, like the following image

Thank you for doing such great work! :+1:


I fully agree with this.

I expected Obsidian to save an image to the local vault, as was previously described.

For a knowledge management system where I own my information (part of Obsidian’s mission statement), I would also like to own the images in my notes.

I think it makes sense for images copied from the web to be saved into the vault, rather than embedded as a link to that image.

My current workaround is to take a screen capture / clipping of the image, but unfortunately that doesn’t always have great resolution. However, it’s usually fine for notes.


Drag and drop/copy of an image from your hard-drive will add it to your vault. It’s only drag and from the browser that changed because we introced and html-to-markdown converter

OK, thank you for the background info. If it’s ever an option, I would still like to be able to copy a block of text and images from the web into a note, and have the actual image in my vault. So often, image addresses change, or are lost, and notes can lose meaning without them. Individual save/drag/drop is fairly slow.

Just encountered this again today. Sorry to write again, but it matters for my situation.

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I use typora with obsidian option : edit in your markdown application. I have chosen typora mainly to integrate image in a file and not with a link when I copy peace of internet, so it would be great to have it directly in obsidian.

Thanks for this tip @JeanCharlesBrm , it’s a good workaround for now. I like how it creates a folder named after the note in question. Again, it would be nice to have this implemented in Obsidian directly. For knowledge management, it’s nice to own all parts of your notes.

Also having “pasted image xxxxxxxx.png” is not helpful, due to the need to deal with the space character when using standard Markdown syntax (replace " " with “%20”). Underscores would take care of this issue. e.g. “pasted_image_xxxxxxxxx.png” or “image-xxxxxxxxxxxx.png” for simplicity.

I do want to say how much I like Obsidian’s ability to find an image anywhere in your vault, regardless of location (using ![[filename]] syntax). That is a wonderful feature. However, I would still like to see Obsidian’s image handling details work well with base Markdown conventions for cross-platform compatibility.

These are the options that seem to work well for pasting images into Typora, and having them available from Obsidian.


Has this feature been added now? I am looking for this feature too. It is a pain to copy a picture first to vault and then to internet, instead of having it done automatically.


I have a similar issue. So I end up taking screen shots, which is time consuming. I am hoping this will be a feature along with the ability to zoom in and out.

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