Auto pair brackets should not yield [[…]]” or […](…)” but [[…]]' and […](…)'

Use case or problem

With Auto pair brackets on, typing a single quote/apostrophe (') after a link (internal [[…]] or external […](…)) inserts a duplicated apostrophe.

I would argue that a single apostrophe should be inserted instead:

  1. This helps a lot with the common case of possessive “'s” (like in John’s), when the word before 's is in a link.
  2. A word is never directly followed by double quotes ('…') anyway (without a space in-between), so inserting a double apostrophe is unhelpful in this case.

Proposed solution

Typing ' after a link (external or internal) should insert a single apostrophe.

The same should probably be done with other types of quotes (like double quotes).

Current workaround (optional)