Auto-listing (bulleted & numbered) on macOS stopped working recently

Hi! I’m posting here as I don’t think I found a similar issue posted. Has anyone experienced something similar?


Auto-listing both bullied (- and *) & numbered (1, 2, 3 . . .), as well as other auto-editing (e.g., “- [ ]” for checklist) stopped working recently. I have Obsidian installed on macOS and Linux (Ubuntu), and I experience the issue only on macOS.


  • Anyone experiencing a similar issue?
  • I’d appreciate it if you could point to resources that are helpful to resolve the issue!

Some additional information

  • Obsidian 0.14.15 (both on macOS and Ubuntu).
  • Issue exists in both Live Preview & Source mode.
  • Not using Legacy editor.
  • I do have many Community plugins installed and enabled (most of them are installed on both mac & Linux; some are installed only on mac).

Thanks in advance!

Does it still happen in Safe Mode?

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On MacOS, in Obsidian, press opt+cmd+i and click the “Console” tab to open the debug console. You can have a look at the information there to see if there is any error reported.
That will be useful for locating the problem and be helpful for finding a cure.

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Thank you both for your reply. Both of you are on the point:

1st, it does not happen in Safe Mode

2nd, I think below is the error msg in debug console:

TypeError: language.foldedRanges is not a function
    at MyEditor.getAllFoldedLines (plugin:obsidian-outliner:1022)
    at ParserService.parseWithLimits (plugin:obsidian-outliner:2293)
    at ParserService.parse (plugin:obsidian-outliner:2217)
    at PerformOperationService.performOperation (plugin:obsidian-outliner:2385)
    at (plugin:obsidian-outliner:422)
    at eval (plugin:obsidian-outliner:2176)
    at c (app.js:1)
    at dc (app.js:1)
    at Object.keydown (app.js:1)
    at t.runCustomHandlers (app.js:1)

3rd, It doesn’t happen when Safe Mode: off and Outliner is disabled.

So thanks very much! I guess I should check if I need Outliner now and/or tweak config to see which functions I need while finding workarounds.

Outliner had an update recently! I don’t know if that could be either a source or solution of your troubles. Good luck!

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Thanks! Indeed, probably a source as I think the issue began after the recent update. Hope/will try to find a relevant forum/category/topic where I can raise the issue and post the error log, which may help the author.

I just had to disable Outliner also (different platform, not macOS) due to persistent console errors. I hope you are able to report it!

I just filed this. Hope (it’s correct and) it helps!

I discovered the same problem this morning. I filed a bug report on @vslinko’s repo.

[BUG] Outliner stopped working (Uncaught TypeError: language.foldedRanges is not a function) · Issue #331 · vslinko/obsidian-outliner (


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