Auto-grabbing web activity to your journal

I really miss GiftttDY.

Does anyone else remember this? It was a bunch of IFTTT actions that would grab your social media activity and save it into text files on Dropbox so it would automagically appear in your DayOne journal.

There are so many ways in which that era of the web was my worst nightmare, but, boy, it would be nice to have an easy way to grab the videos I watched today on Invidious, the articles I read in Wallabag, the restaurant I visited (is there such a thing as a privacy-respecting successor to FourSquare?) and end up nice Dataview lists in my daily/weekly notes.

I’m comfortable writing iOS shortcuts and self-hosting services like Huginn so I think I can get there. The question is how?

You might find info on helpful tools at Their focus is a little different, but they’re keen on owning your own data, and some of the tools might be adaptable to your needs.