Auto-Detecting Frequently Mentioned Concepts in Notes

I’m on the lookout for a plugin or tool within the Obsidian ecosystem that can automatically identify frequently mentioned concepts or terms across my notes and suggest creating dedicated notes for these concepts. Ideally, I’d love something that leverages AI or Natural Language Processing to analyze the content of my notes without me manually searching for these repeated terms.

Example: In my notes, I frequently mention the term “political ads” across various contexts and notes, but I don’t have a dedicated note for this concept yet. I’m interested in a solution that could automatically recognize “political ads” as a significant, recurring concept and suggest that I create a new note for it, based on its repeated appearance across my writings. Ideally, it would also help create links across these

Does anyone know of any Obsidian plugins or external tools that integrate with Obsidian, which offer this kind of functionality? Or, if you’ve implemented a custom solution or workflow, could you share how you set it up?

I found this plugin that is nearly there with the bag-of-words analysis, but it only provides insight into related notes. Not concepts that need to be promoted. Wonder if you have any pointers @SkepticMystic

I’m not sure if it’s capable of gathering stuff related to terms, but possible the Tag, Word & Link Cloud could be useful to you in this context?