Auto-convert "【 》" to "[ >" or Chinese users under Pinyin input

There is no doubt that Obsidian has quite a lot Chinese users currently, and there is also no doubt they need to type [[]] often when using Obsidian to create links.

The problem is , when typing Chinese using pinyin input, the [[]] will shown as “【【】】” by default, which is not recognizable in Obsidian, therefore whenever a link is to be created, one has to switch back and forth between Chinese pinyin input and English keyboard, which can be really annoying.

The same applies to “>” for creating blockquote in the markdown sytax, which under Chinese pinyin input, will be shown as “》”, not recognizable either.

Adding an option to automatically convert markdown relevant keys such as “【 》” to “[ >” will greatly enhance the workflow for Chinese users( and possibly Japanese users too?)

Please kindly consider adding this as a built-in feature.


you can set sougo pinyin or use Rime