Auto-completion for certain frontmatter keys (aliases, tags, etc)

Use case or problem

The new aliases/tags frontmatter feature added in Obsidian Release v0.9.16 is great!

I think it would help to ‘surface’ this feature in a nice/time saving way if we had ‘auto completion’ for the supported keys here (at least for those with specific Obsidian connotations like aliases, tags, etc), and maybe even following on from that with suggested data to add to it (eg. aliases pops up a search field for notes that shows all ‘alternative labels’ that have been used to link to this card, and allows us to easily select one to make it an ‘explicit alias’)

Proposed solution

When I’m within the frontmatter section:

  • If I start typing the name of a supported ‘frontmatter key’ (aliases, tags, etc), Obsidian auto-suggests the completion for me, which I can accept by hitting tab/enter/similar.

Within the context of a ‘supported key’ within the frontmatter section:

  • Obsidian suggests contextually relevant auto-completions, eg.
    • within aliases, suggestions will include all of the alternate names this note has been linked to with previously ‘at the top’ of the suggestions
    • as I type, this list is filtered down to only the matching notes, still with alternate names sorted to the top
    • I can tab/enter/etc to choose this item, at which point the auto completion closes
    • If I type a , or similar to indicate that I want to add more, the auto-completions pop up again as before (though any existing aliases/etc we have already used here won’t be suggested again)

Current workaround (optional)

Manually typing out everything I want in full.

Related feature requests (optional)

Vaguely related:


How do you know which keywords are supported?
It seems like “alias” works and so do “aliases”.

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Obsidian should know what it supports.
Official announcement says aliases.

It is now only unofficially requested to have supported keywords listed in documentation.

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Still would like this feature, especially for frontmatter tags


Yes yes yes please. +1

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I’d also like to see this. I don’t like cluttering my notes with visible tags.