Audio Visualiser

I was wondering if somebody had made or was looking to make an audio visualiser within obsidian? I’m not very experienced at coding or I’d give it a go (or maybe when I get some time I’ll try to bang it out) so I’m wondering if its been done before or there’s any good alternatives.

I think its useful as many people both work in obsidian and generally organise their lives. When doing this many of us listen to music and being able to see audio feedback bars would be a quite nice feature.

I’m imagining a jumping audio bar visualiser that could be opened as a pane or even as a side tab.

Not quite sure how much demand there’d be for this but I think it would be quite cool so may as well ask!

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Do you want a visualizer, or do you want a waveform ala SoundCloud?

I’m interested in a waveform, and then timestamping comments along it.


+1 I had this EXACT same idea yesterday while sending audio messages to my friends on Instagram, I think this would really take the sound recorder to the next level and add a really modern touch to Obsidian as a whole.

Image attached for reference on how it would look ideally

Did you guys ever found a solution? I have a lot of recordings and they would be so much more recognisable when a waveform is displayed.