Attachments (images) failed to load in iPhone, but ok ok iPad

I start from scratch to try the mobile version, with 2 md and 5 png files in my iCloud Drive. After a few seconds of synchronising the configuration files, it turned up perfect on my iPad and not iPhone.

Despite deleting and reinstalling, still to no avail. What gives ?

Appreciate any pointers I could look at. Many thanks.

Just to check, how may devices are we talking about here? Two (iPhone and iPad)? Three (mac, iPhone, and iPad)?

First, I’d check on the iPhone in the Files app > iCloud Drive/Obsidian/VAULTNAME/ to see if your vault and the notes/files are there with no cloud icons next to them.

Thanks. Total 3 - works perfect on Mac and iPad, and not on iPhone.

I just checked and it seems the not all attachments was downloaded - 3 out of 5 still have the ‘iCloud icon’ shown - indicating its not on my local iPhone but iCloud.

Then the question : how do I force it to download ?

The wonders of iCloud. It “just works” … or it doesn’t. When I was using it for my main Obsidian vaults I never had any problems, but I’ve seen a bunch here.

In the Files app, try tapping on the ones with the cloud icons to force a download. A restart of the phone might also help.

Also, your iPhone has plenty of free space, yeah? Sometimes iOS/iCloud will try to be “helpful” and offload things to iCloud if storage space is running low.

Yes unfortunately that is the case. Many thanks for taking the time ariehen. Greatly appreciated.

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