Attachment folder like {{filename}}_attachments for Noteplan 3 compatibility

I use Obsidian on my laptop and Noteplan 3 for iPad to edit on the go.
However, the action for saving attachments of Obsidian and Noteplan 3 is slightly different.

Noteplan situation

When adding hoge.png to Notes/,
Noteplan puts hoge.png to Notes/aaa_attachments/hoge.png.

Obsidian situation

When adding hoge.png to Notes/,
Obsidian puts hoge.png to Notes/attachments/hoge.png.

Proposed solution

Thanks to the recent update, Obsidian now has an option to save attachments to the folder where I write.
So I would like the Obsidian team to create an additional option to allow Noteplan users to attach an image seamlessly.


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