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Hello guys, i have a problem with attached files. The thing is that i can’t use this function through wiki-links, for example, obsidian doesn’t recognize a photo from ![[filename.jpg]], it suggests me to create new file with this name. I need to use ![filename](file: ///) to attach it. I will be really appreciate for helping me.

Check your settings. There’s an entry “use Wikilinks” on the page “Files & Links”.

I tried to do that but it still doesn’t work.

Attention to “.jpg” vs “.jpeg” and this:

The format is correct because i can attached file using ![flename](file: ///), and changing the setting didn’t work

When you start to type your file name this windows appears?


Is your image file listed there?

No, i haven’t such a list at all.

I don’t know if you are new to obsidian or not, so some basic questions that possibly might help to locate the cause of the problem:

  1. Where exactly is your image file located?
  2. Do you store your images inside or outside your vault?
  3. What is your obsidian installer version? (→ settings → About)

Yeah I am new to obsidian.

  1. The file is located on my desktop
  2. Outside
  3. v0.12.19

First suggestion: you need to read the “help” vault (or “Obsidian Help” online: Index)
But I let @alltagsverstand answear you why…

As obsidian can only read your currently active vault and certainly doesn’t have further access to your hard drive, wikilinks can only find files within your vault!

It is rather strange. Does it mean that i need to move the file in my obsidian vault?
So i haven’t opportunity to make a link on an image that are stored in gallery, for example.

As I said before, you need to understand what is Obsidian and what it can do.
Imagine that your vault is like a website: you need to create a folder, a box, with all your information, and then “jump” between files, images, texts, etc. For that you use links (“internal” links - [image.jpg] ). This is the basic.

But, as one website, you can add links to “external” elements. In obsidian you can add links to images in your computer (you already used the format [image](file:///) ) or images online.

Why “internal” links are important? (links for files inside your vault).
As @alltagsverstand said, wikilinks only works with files inside your vault. Obsidian can’t (auto)find files outside your vault! Besides, with internal links you can change the name or move the file inside your vault and the wikilink auto-updates. With external links, if you change the name or the path, the link breaks.

Obviously you can use external links, but be aware of this limitations.

What is “gallery”? An universal app or directory?
It’s difficult to understand some issues if you deduce that your case is equal to everyone! To avoid it we need to present the questions in common ground: the basic in Obsidian (you need to read the obsidan manual/help), the clarification of some particular question in your OS, etc.
For example, I can’t say only “So i haven’t opportunity to make a link on an image that are stored in Devonthink” if Devonthink app isn’t a theme already present in the discussion!
So, we want to help (“we” are people like you, obsidian users, nothing more), but the help is useless if we don’t talk in the same basic ground.

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OK, thank you very much and everyone who gave piccies of advise, it really helped me

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