Assign tag to multiple files

+1 on this feature.

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A possible implementation of this could be Double-click or drag tags onto a note

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I agree that it would be helpful if we could tag multiple notes at once. I usually add my tags when I create a note but sometimes I think of a new tag that I want to add afterwards. In these cases, it would help if I could select multiple notes at the same time and apply that specific tag to all of them.

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yes this feature is sorely needed. i can probably put together some external scripts to make it possible, but really should be a core feature of the app itself.

i’m about halfway through porting over about 7k of notes from evernote and now realize i should have done all my bulk tagging before moving over, ugh

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I’m pretty new to obsidian and the forum. Is this just a place to complain or do the devs ever read these, take these suggestions seriously, or chime in? 1.5 yrs after the op and still nothing. The lack of basic features like this really makes me hesitate on going all in with this app. It doesn’t seem like the workarounds will be very usable on “mobile” and I do most of my note taking on my iPad.

@smellythief I think a year and a half kind of flies by if you look at all that was accomplished during that time. But, I do understand where you are coming from with this specific need. Having watched the forum closely, I will say that there are so many feature requests that have received a lot more interest. And many of them have been implemented either as core features or high quality plugins or workarounds. Personally, I feel that the forum is an awesome place to see features debated then formulated at the right time and in the right way. I definitely can’t complain about how the software operates and its trajectory. I say just stay positive and it will all be worth it before long, if not sooner.

And, who knows, maybe now that functionality on multiple selected files in the explorer is a thing, that could be a bridge towards adding tags to multiple notes at once. On the other hand I can imagine multiple other ways that might be much better.



+1 for this feature!

+1 for this feature!

Is it? I don’t see how to access this functionality…

But thank you, I do appreciate your perspective on the forum and the app’s trajectory.

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You’re welcome! Yea. Starting at version 0.14.11, the following was implemented:

You can now move or delete multiple selected items via the right-click context menu in the File Explorer.

Hope you stick around.


I agree this is a pretty basic, simple and desirable feature. Bc I’m not much of a Typescript dev, I ended up writing this simple python program to manage the front-matter in md files in a vault/root folder. Currently, all it does is ensure the md files in your vault include a minimum set of required tags. This could be easily extended to do things like bulk delete tags, or intelligently apply tags based on scanning the md content.

I tested it on python 3.10.5, and it requires the python-frontmatter package to be installed on python path.

Hey timblaktu. this script sounds very interesting. Unfortunately, I am a complete noob when it comes to programming.

However, I very much like to do 2 things:

  1. Add a basic, empty YAML to all files:
  1. add a specific tag to selected files

Would that be possible with your script?
How can I install and modify it so it fits my needs?

  1. is supported with this program by simply specifying an empty list for required tags. However, note that this will replace any existing tags front matter with the new empty tags list. I suspect this is not what you want. If you really only want this empty tags list populated when you create new files, you should probably use a template, which is supported by a city and out of the Box I believe.

The other request could be done fairly easily. Please create a feature request using the issues link the issues link on my project repository. We can discuss how it should work there.

Hey timblaktu,

thx for getting back! I just opened an issue on github. I hope I did it right. This is actually me being active on github for the first time ever…

Strange to see this missing! Bulk actions on files in general is so commonplace, I hope it’s on the roadmap for bulk-tagging!

+1 For this feature
For the moment I use plugin Tag Wrangler and VSC.
A video that explains how to do this in VSC from Nicole van der Hoeven
Obsidian Templater, YNAB, daily notes, emails // June 2022 Patreon Q&A - YouTube
The solution is explained at Timestamp 01:00 minute.

+1 yeah this is pretty essential to me as well. Really surprised no one came up with a plugin yet.

+1 for this feature

+1 here too.

Many thanks.

+1 too! It would be really useful!