Assign metadata values to links


Use case


  • I want to track all the things I want to tell/ask a person, when I see or talk to them the next time
  • I want to track ToDos in a project

Side note

I know, that there are specific plugins that can solve these tasks, but on the one hand they are kind of complicated and on the other hand, I’m curios, if I can solve that on my own with dataview.


To accomplish that, I want to use inline-metadata, because, if I am in a project-note in Obsidian, during I talk on the phone to some customer or colleague, I think that’s the easiest and fastest way to track these things.

As far as I know or understand, there are two ways, that work but unfortunately have great disadvantages and one way that doesn’t work, which wouldn’t have that disadvantage

Two ways that work, but I don’t like

  • I could use the standard inline-metadata notation like:
    ToRemember:: Go to the toilet
  • Or, which would be a little bit more advanced, I could use tags as metadata fields (here, I don’t have to remember the whole metadata-field and could take advantage of the tag auto-suggester), like:
    #ToRemember:: Go to the toilet

The corresponding dataview would look like this in both cases:

Table ToRemember
From "notefolder"

The problems of both approaches are:

  • The dataview doesn’t get updated, if I want to change the name of the metadata-field
  • Also the standard inline-metadata (first case) doesn’t get updated, if I want to change the name of the metadata-field

The way I would like to do it, but doesn’t work

I want to use links!!! :slight_smile:

Links get updated everywhere.

The notation to use links as metadata-fields would have to look somehow like this:

[[ToRemember]]:: Go to the toilet

The dataview would have to look like this:

Table [[ToRemember]]
From "notefolder"

… unfortunately, the dataview doesn’t show any values…


  • Is my understanding correct, that my link approach doesn’t work? Or does it work, but I just did some errors?
  • If so, what are the reasons, why I can’t accomplish that with links?

Thanks in advance,
kind regards,