Artificial Intelligence modules

I use NovelAI to help me write things. It’s actually most useful as narrow ai. This means specific use cases, where it’s been trained for specific uses. For example:

for making lists, completing sentences and making descriptive sentences.
These are just to name a few examples.

Using tags and really getting to know the system however, means that it can be used for so many things.

A direct competitor to Obsidian, who I hesitate to name, has recently started beta testing AI within thier tool.
However, unlike NovelAI, many modules are pre-configured, and the results are mind blowing!

You can:

  • start writing some code, then finish in nature language

  • give it a topic and get it to write you an entire article for you

  • summerise massive documents for you

And lots, lots more.

However, the data, I believe, is siloed, so I hesitate to use it. Thus, I’m working with the more general AI to try to duplicate these functions.

Q: Can I mention the competitor?

I just installed the Text Generator plugin today. Looks pretty good.