Artifacts after long periods of sleep

Hey there, on some Linuxes, when running the Nvidia closed source drivers, there are issue with redrawing the window after long periods of sleep. I see artifacts and black boxes,

This seems to happen in most electron applications, and I believe most Linux OSes are affected.

Here is a bug report for a similar issue in VSCode

Steps to reproduce

Run Obsidian on an Linux distro using a Nvidia graphics card and their closed source driver.

Put the machine to sleep. Leave it for 4-5 hours.

Wake the machine.

Watch the brokenness :laughing:

Expected result

It wakes, and Obsidian looks as beautiful as ever

Actual result

Obsidian have very bad bed hair, and generally looks broken by its sleep.

I’m aware that this is an upstream issue, in the sense that its an electron issue and you guys cant fix it. But, I just thought I’d raise it, as it does affect your product.

Also, I can’t for the life find it now, but I swear I saw a bug on Chromium, that states this had to do with the WebGL context being lost after prolonged sleep, and that it was fixed in the latest version of Chromium. I don’t know what version of electron you are on, but I suspect it might be fixed in Electron 11

Additional information

the next public release will be with electron 11. install with the new installer and see if it helps.

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