Article like reference numbers links

What I’m trying to do

Hello, I use Obsidian for research notes and I indeed have a lot of reference notes taken from articles.
I use the citations plugin to easily sync notes between Zotero and Obsidian, frankly though it is not that useful for my use case.

When I’m taking notes on a subject I often merge information from several different articles and I list all the reference articles at the end of the note.
However, at times my notes become a bit long and at that point it becomes unpractical to go check all the references to find which one of them contained a particular information.
What I’d like is some sort of numbered references [1,4] that I can insert in the text just as if it was an article.
I do not need this to then export in PDF as I don’t write my stuff for publishing in obsidian, it would just be for myself retrieving information.
I’d like a simple and quick way to insert this kind of link to the original literature notes, so that I don’t waste too much time. I don’t want the full link as it contains the article title and it clutters my notes too much.

Things I have tried

Generally, I just insert a link to the reference and then rename the link to something like (ref).
This works, but it’s quite annoying to have to do it a lot when I’m writing a lot; especially when I’m having an overview of a new topic which brings me to read several different articles.

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