Are there settings or plugins that auto-generate links with custom display text?


Summary: I’d like all internal links to have a custom display text, so that I’m free to change the referenced note title without affecting any inbound links. Are there any settings or plugins which provides this? It’s easy enough to type it myself such as [[My referenced note|this is what's displayed]], but if a setting or plugins would automatically add the |<note title> every time I created a new link I would not have to remember to do it manually. For starters the setting or plugin could just insert the note title as display text.

To elaborate: I make a lot of links to non-existent notes, often a link based on a single word - kind of like a keyword. The thought is that in the future, if I see that multiple notes link to the same keyword then it’s a sign I probably should create a note or MOC on that topic. But changing the note title will mess up the links from the existing notes, which makes me have to go back and manually add a link alias to keep the link displaying the same keyword as before.

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