Are people still using the cooklang plugin?

I’m looking to get my recipes organized, and the cooklang plugin for Obsidian seemed really promising. However, after trying it out it seems pretty rough around the edges, and I notice it hasn’t been updated in going on two years. Is this still the best option for recipies in Obsidian, or is there some other generally accepted way to organize recipes? I like the idea of cooklang, but I suppose markdown is okay.

Some initial quibbles with the plugin:

  • To create a recipe you need to create a .cook file — but I don’t see any way to do that within the app. (All files created within the app get the .md extension.)
  • I don’t like how every step is rendered with a heading like “Step 1” — seems really space inefficient. Would be nice if you could configure it to just render a numbered list.
  • Some cooklang syntax doesn’t seem to be recognized.
  • The editor doesn’t word wrap.

My concern is the development of cooklang itself. I haven’t been following closely, but it seems like it’s no longer being updated, or at least very infrequently. I want to use it but last I tried (admittedly about a year or so ago) it was still rough.

Hmm, good call. I guess I just assumed cooklang was still the go-to for recipes. Sounds like maybe I just stick to plain markdown for now.

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