Are commercial licenses required for cybersecurity researchers in for-profit organizations?


I work for a for-profit organization; however, our team produces internal educational materials for other internal teams that isn’t distributed to the public. When reading the license agreement it is stated:

You need to pay for Obsidian if and only if you use it for revenue-generating, work-related activities in a company that has two or more people

However, one of the Q/A answers for licensing denotes:

A: If your research has resulted in a commercial product, you need a commercial license for your usage. Otherwise if you’re still producing a product, or if your research does not involve producing a product, you do not need a commercial license.

We do not sell or distribute products, but do create guidelines and such for other teams based on our research. Does our team need to purchase commercial licenses?

I love Obsidian and use it religiously for personal use. I’m trying to bring it into my workplace to bridge my process flow between personal life and work life.

Thank you!

Yes, you do need a license. Sorry for the confusion: we will try to clarify the FAQ.

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