Application for voluntary translation in Chinese language

I am a user from China. Since I learned about obsd on twitter, I downloaded and used it and it feels great!

But see that there is no multi-language selection and configuration function.

If possible, I hope to become a member of the translator and voluntarily contribute some strength.

Let brain map these great functional software for more user experience and use, to gain the thrill of controlling knowledge!

Hope u reply, thank you!


@Silver @WhiteNoise you guys are probably already aware of this, but just in case: there are online tools for Translation Management, which help you manage the translation process of the strings in your app into multiple languages. These tools can be helpful in assembling teams and coordinating volunteer translators - and they do make the entire job much easier on everyone.

Many of these tools can be quite costly, but there are some that have a free tier, such as POEditor - for projects with up to 1000 strings. There are, however, some that are totally free, like Zanata, and even some you can self-host, like Pootle. I hope that helps! :slight_smile:


good job!

If it’s any incentive @Silver @WhiteNoise, I’ll plop down another $25 if you guys launch a community-assisted translation effort, or whenever you say you intend to do so within 90 days.

If anyone’s willing to do translation, please comment here: App interface and documentation translation volunteer megathread

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Cheers :grinning: