Apple Keynote not as container

Hey there,

I searched the entire forum and used google and duckduckgo as well, but no result.

Maybe you people can help me.

I try to embedd an Apple Keynote in my notes. But instead of copying it to the attachments folder (automatically created on attaching a file) it shows as a sort of container. It is not linked in the note.

What can I do? Any idea

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 10.03.30

How did you add it to your vault to begin with? Drag & drop? Another way?

I just dragged the test keynote file in twice, then second in once to the Files tab.

Settings > Files and links → Detect all extensions is enabled in Obsidian. Clicking on these opens Keynote.

Hm. The option is activated already. I was not able to drag the keynote per drag and drop (simply nothing happens on releasing the mouse click) Nothing in the folder, nor by dragging the keynote to the note itself. I used finder to copy it manually to the attachments folder with the result from above.

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