Append Zotero Integration template to existing note

I use the Book Search plugin right now to easily pull metadata from the web for my booklist and I’m going to use Zotero to read the books and annotate on them.

I wanted to create a template that would aloow me to insert the annotations and some other stuff from Zotero in the book note that is already created. I searched a lot but couldn’t find anything like that here.

This is what I have now:

Example of book note

title: "Good Strategy/Bad Strategy"
authors: [Richard Rumelt]
category: [Business & Economics]
publish: 2011-06-09
pages: 336
type: book
notetype: referenceNote
created: 2023-02-01
updated: 2023-02-01


This is where I want the Zotero notes

Example of Zotero Integration template

### PDF

### Abstract

### Notes
{% for annotation in annotations -%}
	{%- if annotation.annotatedText -%}
	{{annotation.annotatedText}}"{% if annotation.color %} {{annotation.color.Category}}
	{{annotation.type | capitalize}} {% else %}
	{{annotation.type | capitalize}} {% endif %} [Page{{}}](zotero://open-pdf/library/items/{{annotation.attachment.itemKey}}?page={{}}&annotation={{}})
	{%- endif %} 
	{% if annotation.imageRelativePath %} 
	![[{{annotation.imageRelativePath}}]]{% endif %}
{% if annotation.comment %} 
{% endif %}
{% endfor -%}




>[!Key Points]


Is this possible?