App interface and documentation translation volunteer megathread

Hi Guys, I can help translating into German. If still needed.

If there’s any need for Spanish translation, I’m happy to assist.

I really appreciate the work you guys are doing. I want to contribute in this awesome work too! As a native Persian speaker, I can translate it to Persian/ Farsi. I have done it for many other platforms and apps, and I want to be part of this amazing community now.

I currently am working on the “fa.json” and probably it will be 100% done in a month or so.



I can manage the Spanish translation

Still time for german translation support?

Lets discuss if we find a way to colaborate on that

Update: many languages have been translated. You can check Settings - About - Language to see if you the language you want to translate to already exists.

If it doesn’t exist, open a pull request here for your language: Pull requests · obsidianmd/obsidian-translations · GitHub (Please learn to use GitHub as it will be needed when submitting your translations, thanks!)

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