API to access list of published notes to render the list on my homepage

What I’m trying to do

I set up Obsidian Publish to show my public notes at Max Stoiber (@mxstbr). That’s working fantastic.

Now, I’d like to show a list of my notes on my homepage https://mxstbr.com, similar to how I render the list of my essays. In order to do so, I need an API that I can GET to get the list of notes & their links.

How can I do that?

Things I have tried

I searched for “API for list of posts,” but all the results I’m getting are in relation to building plugins.

I checked on docs.obsidian.md, but again they’re related to building plugins.

Two alternatives comes to mind from my point of view, and that is to use Templater triggering a Dataview script to collate all your notes, or using javascript in the template accessing the cache of file lists available.

A third (of those two(?)) alternative could be to add a javascript based script on your published sited to build the list after stuff has been published.

A fourth (still if those two(?!?)) alternative would be to look for a plugin or publish tool capable of building this list at the time of publishing.