API Request: error reporting to third party developers

As a third-party plugin maintainer it would be helpful to know about exceptions happening in my code that way I can fix them! I could solve this myself by embedding a sentry hook into my plugins https://sentry.io/welcome/, but I imagine this is a universal need of all plugin maintainers, so it would be nice if there was a way to route this information for everyone.

I’m imagining an option in the manifest on where to route errors. Maybe a webhook or email address. If there is a privacy concern users can opt in to sharing exception reports.

Can you say more about how this would work? I’ve never used sentry before.

Sentry’s library wraps your code in a big catch block that captures exceptions that occur when people use your app, website, plugin. It then sends them off to their servers for reporting.

As a developer, you get a notification that someone received an error with additional context on what the user was doing and what the error looked like. This gives you a hint on what you might need to change to fix problems users are experiencing.

There are many services like sentry out there, Rollbar, Bugsnag, Raygun are some popular alternatives.

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What would be needed on the API to facilitate the use of sentry (or another similar tool)?