API access to modal dialogs with autocomplete

Hi, I’m interested in developing an Obsidian plugin which exposes a custom modal dialog, akin to the open-file (Ctrl-O) and run-command (Ctrl-P) dialogs. Is there an extensible API available (or plans to make one) that exposes this dialog view, including the autocomplete functionality? I browsed through the Obsidian API documentation but wasn’t able to find anything obviously relevant.

Concretely, what I’d look for in the API is

  1. access to the modal view
  2. flexible lazy-loading of results from a provider given the query
  3. (extra plus) extensible item result view, so that we can provide custom formatted results – for example, results which have both a title and a body rather than just a title

I’d be interested to know whether something like this is available/in the works, or at least register my interest in the feature. Thanks!

FWIW, this is intended for an auto-citation plugin I’m interested in making, which would link up to Zotero and possibly other tools.

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For the record, 0.9.20 added SuggestModal and FuzzySuggestModal – thanks developers!