Anyway to disable Note Refactor automatically opening the new note?

Things I have tried

Looking at the plugin settings.
Searching this forum.
Searching the Reddit sub.

What I’m trying to do

When I refactor a note with the heading as the new note filename, the plugin automatically opens a new pane containing the refactored note.

What I would like to happen is, that when refactoring the note it doesn’t automatically open the note in a new pane.

Use case explanation:

I use Daily Notes and a template to take notes for all my meetings. After the meeting, I use Note Refactor to put the meeting notes into their own file and leave a link in the Daily Note to that file. I then move the refactored meeting notes to the correct location in my vault.

I have no need for the refactored note to automatically open after refactoring. It’s not a huge deal concerning productivity, but the extra “effort” to close the note every time is now becoming annoying.

When I looked in the settings of Note Refactor I was surprised to see that there was no way to toggle the automatic opening of the refactored note on and off. So, I’m somewhat expecting someone on here to tell me I’m blind and point me to a setting that I cluelessly missed.

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