Anyway to create a new panel/window view for notes only?

Things I have tried

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to split up my notes in a new panel or window because when I expande a folder it makes it very hard to navigate since I have so many notes. How can I fix this? All other not systems use separate views

I’m not sure I understand if you mean that the navigation would populate a note with the notes in a folder or something? Dataview plugin could probably make a list of all the notes in a single folder.

With Evernote for example, all the folders are in a separate section, meaning when you click a folder, all the notes are shown in another section instead of the folders expanding and having to scroll up and down to collapse the folder again.

This makes it very difficult to navigate because the folders with a lot of notes make it hard to go up and down within such a small window section.

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