Anyone using Obsidian to export academic style word documents? Can you share your pandoc commands?

I’ve recently started my PhD and have been using Obsidian for all the things.

I’d like to be able to draft my academic papers in Obsidian and have been setting this up, so far I have a nice citation workflow running but I’m now polishing up the Word Document that is outputted.

Has anyone done this already?
Would love to see examples of the pandoc commands you’re using.
Bonus points to provide a link to a style document you’re using.

So far, using the ‘pandoc plugin’, I’ve rolled this together:


Open questions:

  • How can I add a nice automatic cover page to the output?
  • Does anyone have a reference doc they have working with custom styling?
  • Getting images to export properly, seems to be some bugs.

Happy to provide more info on my setup if anyone else is looking to do the same.


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